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Toco  new environmental protection materials to join the advantage

In the fierce market competition, Carbon Ge Company pays attention to absorb international and domestic advanced technology, integration and promote their own technological innovation activities. Through years of continuous innovation, Carbon Ge Company has mastered a series of advanced production technology and core technology of foamed ceramic materials, and successfully developed high-tech products to reach the world-class level. The main competitive advantages of carbon song company are:

1. Leading technology innovation capability

Since its inception, Carbon Ge has been positioned to produce high-tech, high value-added products, and strive to create benefits through technological innovation. Carbon song company foamed ceramic thermal conductivity is the lowest in the industry, and has its own core intellectual property rights, has obtained national patent certification, declared "high-tech enterprises". Carbon song company's technological innovation advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects: (1) product innovation: Carbon song company market and customer demand-oriented, to "create greater value for customers" as the innovation motive, to the enterprise itself as the main body of innovation, actively promote product innovation activities. Carbon song company through product innovation practice, establish an effective system operation mechanism from the research and development of new products to successful commercial applications, and market acceptance and commercial benefits as the ultimate test of innovation success or failure. Carbon song company has formulated the new product development management system to standardize the product innovation procedures and the work responsibilities of relevant departments, such as new product research, feasibility analysis, technical process design, new product trial-manufacture, appraisal, marketing promotion, etc., so as to form a complete product innovation mechanism and shorten the development of new products to the greatest extent. The time of scale production. (2) Technological innovation: Carbon song company pays close attention to the frontier of technology development in foamed ceramic market at home and abroad. Carbon song company continuously develops advanced technology suitable for Carbon song company's product requirements and improves production efficiency on the basis of new products with vitality. Carbon song company develops advanced production technology for each product series. Through independent design of production process, introduction and independent design of equipment, changing raw material performance ratio, improving key process technology, etc., Carbon song company innovates the production technology of lightweight ceramic insulation wallboard and new environmental protection materials. Carbon song company in the process innovation activities, learn from and boldly quote the production process of other industries, Carbon song company many product production processes are out of the traditional insulation industry category. Carbon song company pioneering research and development with the kiln Carbon song company, customized the industry's first three-layer firing process production line, production capacity is more than three times the same line, and energy consumption is reduced by more than 22%. (3) Innovation Team: Carbon song company has established a high-quality innovation team, with a number of polymer materials and engineering, chemical engineering, inorganic non-metallic materials, silicates, mechanical and electrical technology applications, environmental monitoring and management professionals. Carbon song company in addition to the internal training of R & D personnel, through the external industry experts as a technical consultant, and the establishment of cooperation with domestic professional glass fiber composite research institutes, actively use external intelligence to promote innovation activities of Carbon song company. (4) Innovation mechanism: Carbon song company has established an endogenous innovation mechanism which is driven by market and customer demand, guaranteed by scientific management system and guaranteed by capital strength. Carbon song company through organizational settings, innovation system construction and talent introduction, to achieve a set of effective decision-making, command, control, information feedback organization, system and a reasonable structure of all kinds of talent, not only to mobilize the various resources needed for innovation, but also to coordinate the management and implementation of innovation process in many circles. The organic operation of the festival can make full use of people's talents, smooth communication and effective cooperation, thus promoting the smooth progress of carbon song company's technological innovation activities.

2, differentiated products, marketing and service support capabilities

In view of the serious homogeneity of inorganic thermal insulation products and the common competitive characteristics of low-end products in China, Carbon Ge has adopted the measures of differentiated products, marketing and service. With its own technological and management advantages, Carbon Ge has produced products with better performance and quality than the existing level on the market. Through reasonable selection of sales areas, to provide customers with high value-added after-sales service, to form a unique competitive advantage, establish a "TOCO" brand image. In view of the unbalanced development of the inorganic thermal insulation materials market in the region, the differential marketing strategy was formulated to avoid falling into the competitive situation with fierce competition and low profit margin. Carbon song company regularly analyzes product sales area according to economic situation, industry development, emerging market situation, market demand and competitor dynamics, and plans to implement differentiated marketing strategy to realize wide distribution of sales area and diversification of terminal customer industry, and timely application of market demand information through the terminal. Adjust the product structure to achieve the effect of product upgrading by leading peers.

3. Efficient production organization and strict quality control capability.

There are seven product lines, and the immediacy of orders and the diversity of product requirements and specifications pose a challenge to the production scheduling and organization of Carbon Song Company. Carbon song company through the following measures to address the above challenges: (1) production planning to take into account both execution and efficiency, according to equipment production capacity, raw materials supply, product production process, according to capacity maximization and order deadline to formulate production plans, and strictly implement; (2) the establishment of a plan control platform, on a daily basis. Supervise the completion of the plan, weekly plan and monthly plan to ensure strict production plan.