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Toco New Material debut Guangxi Industry Expo

Issuing time:2015-04-30 18:09Source:Toco

April 30th morning, hosted by the Guangxi Autonomous Region Government of the 2015 Guangxi industrial exposition opened in Nanning. At the opening ceremony, the Guangxi autonomous region vice chairman Chen Gang called on the participants, to read aloud the theme of the Expo, Guangxi people love to use Guangxi products".

Toco  New Material development and production of carbon song light ceramic insulation board in the exhibition debut. Is located in the stadium important carbon song new material booth design and display is more detached beautiful, the display of the first products - carbon song lightweight ceramic insulation wallboard last year was in the 16th China International Industry Fair won the silver award, become the show is a major bright spot.

Autonomous Region Chairman Chen Gang in the vice chairman Chen Wu, chairman of the district and the District of China and other autonomous regions, accompanied by the leadership of the district to visit the carbon song booth. The chairman of the new chairman of carbon song to Chairman Chen Wu and other leaders of the new material on carbon song new material for environmental governance, energy saving product development, production, application and development strategy and other aspects to do a detailed report. President Chen Wu expressed great appreciation for the innovative spirit and the development of carbon song team and encouraged the carbon song to speed up the development.